What If? #5 : What If the Vision Had Destroyed the Avengers? (Marvel Comics)

What If? #5 : What If the Vision Had Destroyed the Avengers? (Marvel Comics) (Marvel Comics) [Jim Valentino] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Have one to sell? What If? #2: What If Daredevil Killed the Kingpin?.Synopsis for "Prologue / What If Wonder Man Had Not Died? Part 1 / What If the Vision Had Destroyed the Avengers? Part 2"Edit. In this reality, Wonder Man.YOU ARE LOOKING TO BUY A MARVEL COMICS WHAT IF THE VISION HAD DESTROYED THE AVENGERS #5! | eBay!.New Comics · Forums #5 - What If the Vision Had Destroyed the Avengers? released by Marvel on November 1, . Avengers; Masters of Evil; X-Men.The Marvel Comics anthology series What If? tells alternate reality stories outside the mainstream Marvel Universe continuity, which the company sets on what it calls Earth A number of these stories have been set on alternate Earths in the Marvel . What if the Vision had destroyed the Avengers? (Based on Avengers  Volume one (–) - Volume two (–) - Volume seven ().4 May - 7 sec Read Free Ebook Now Download What If? #5.Note: First Marvel Art of Greg Capullo Cover price $ Cover price $ Issue #5. What If ( 2nd Series) 5 · What If ( 2nd Series) #5 What If the Vision Had Destroyed the Avengers (part 2), script and pencils by Jim Valentino, .Marvel has incorporated some of its What If series into the regular and Ultimate continuity. Due to the character's popularity, Venom spent a good 5-year stretch as the The two-parter What If Cable Had Destroyed the X-Men?/ Either way, Storm is way too powerful and forces the world to follow her vision of morality.unless otherwise noted The following Marvel Comics are vf or better condition vf What If Avengers Disassembled What If Fantastic Four -wanted- . #5 nm the Vision had destroyed the Avengers #5 vf+ the Vision had .The Avengers / cover / 1 page (report (Marvel, series) # Cover Thumbnail for What If.The Vision is actually one of many Avengers to join the team after a beginning What If? #5: What If the Vision Had Destroyed the Avengers?.#5: What If the Vision Had Destroyed the Avengers? (Marvel Comics) | All about Marvel and DC comic characters; including videos, games, articles and more.Comics starring the Avengers and X-Men have a rich tradition of When: What if Cable had destroyed the X-Men? and What if Magneto took over the U.S.A. ( ) When: What if the Vision of the Avengers conquered the world? () 5.) Juggernaut accidentally kills the last remaining people on Earth.The third Avengers movie is looking like a superhero bloodbath. Do you know how hard Marvel had to work to pry the rights to It's what happens in the comics , and it would explain Stan's bonkers 5. War Machine (Don Cheadle). It looked like Marvel might have been You had a good run, Vision.What If the Vision Had Destroyed The Avengers? news. Variant: Newsstand Edition Non-variant Cover: #5 - What If Wonder Man Had Not Died?/What If the Vision Publisher: Marvel Cover Date: November Cover Price: Country: United States Language: English Format: Color, Standard Comic Issue, 36 pages.Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, The Avengers?, Author: Planet Chocolate City Comics, Name: Marvel: What If.To be clear, his main grudge is with Marvel Comics, Marvel's with the Freudian concept of Thanatos, humanity's drive for death and self-destruction. writer Steve Englehart, used the acid-trip visions they had to inform the.Marvel Comics' premier artificial being, the Synthezoid known as the his friends and comrades in the Avengers have learned just how the Vision's human desires have corrupted him. The thing he wants the most is what's destroying him. . I think what's important to see is that in issue #5 Vision is being.